Rooted in the west coast, the craze over street wear has been influencing todays fashion trends.  Street wear has been popularized in cities such as LA and NYC  and even over seas in Japan as a way to define personal style through courageous and unique pieces.  Right now our FAVORITE staple item, that is perfect for street style infused looks, is our Kut Camo Trousers!



Sassy and Sweet Meets the Concrete: Our Favorite Street Wear Infused Looks.

10 Items Every College Girl Needs for Back To School. By Jennah Denney


It is that time of year again for students everywhere, BACK TO SCHOOL! Even though we are in college now, us girls are just as giddy about our “back to school” wardrobes as we were in middle school.  Now that I am older and a college student my self I still want to sport trends to class, but practicality has played a large part into what I wear when I am on Campus, that’s why I love these items!



First thing’s first, a medium sized decorative back pack is the best way tote your folders, keys, student I.D., ect. as you travel from class to class and lounge in the student center


My favorite perk about carrying this back pack is that not only is it practical, but you are always sporting a fabulous accessory when on campus!


Since the “back to school season” starts around August for most, the weather is still quite warm!  What better way to beat the heat in style than a casual tank with a fun print!


Carry this tank over to the next semester by pairing it with a cardigan, kimono, or even dress it up with a blazer!


A closet must have for all: The Dark Skinny.  The dark skinny can almost be justified as a must have with almost no explaination needed! You can match them with anything and everything and the dark denim wash gives every outfit a dressier look while maintaing the comfort you need to walk across campus!




A couple perks of wearing these Angry Rabbit skinny jeans are that they are super soft and easy to move in AND they are available in cropped for those of you wanting to pair skinnies with baby doll heels or for those of you who are just shorties like me.


A fun and practical way to stay warm AND trendy in cold classrooms are light weight statement scarves! all have those teachers who like to freeze us out to keep us awake, so beat the chill and look good doing it!




Fun scarves are an easy way to dress up outfits thrown together on our lazy legging and t-shirt days aka Mondays! :p


Sometimes you just can’t get your classes scheduled just right to where you can avoid walking across campus every time you switch classes, and when that does happen you need comfy shoes to make it through the day!


I love finding comfy sandals that are super cute that way I can carry them over to my “Night Out on the Town” outfits!


Girly Girls love their jewelry! Stackable jewelry has been trending lately and is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your class attire without over glamming it!



BUT when you do want to glam it up, stacking multiples of these necklaces, rings, and bracelets makes a simple and stunning statement!


The basic tee is a staple for a college girl’s closet!  These survival tees are soft, flexible and tunic cut!  Dress them up or dress them down for everyday wear!




Fun Fact: These t-shirts come in a variety of colors and cuts, so there is a style for everyone!


Another way to beat the freeze of cold class rooms is a denim button up.  With the sudden craze of “street wear” denim has been making a come back!


This denim button up is perfect for both semesters, for it is light enough to wear over a tank or tee in the warmer weather and thin enough to layer with sweaters and coats for the winter semester!


Time to dress up your tees!  When the fall weather hits on a college campus, the cardigans and knee high boots come out to play!




This cardigan is light weight and loose! Perfect for layering!


For the days you wake up late and are rushing to class or days that you just can’t, these Pink Pewter head bands are soft and stay in place on those days your hair doesn’t!




These headbands come in a variety of colors so your sure to find one that gives a pop to your outfit!

How to get salon shiny hair at home by Jennah Denney

Growing up with a mother as a hairdresser, I was always the guinea pig for my mom’s hair remedies from home made hair gels to different ways to curl your hair in your sleep, but one remedy that I found to make a difference on my hair that I still use to this day is a mixture you can make with contents of your pantry to make your hair softer, shinier, prevent breakage, and style better.

Ingredients: 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 2 table spoons of caster oil

1) In a medium/large bowl, crack and whisk egg first

2) Add olive oil and caster oil* and stir

3) Warm 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and add last to ensure it does not harden before you mix all the ingredients

4) Starting at your roots, work the mixture throughout all your hair paying extra attention to your ends

5) Leave on for 30 minutes

5) Repeat 1 every week


Be sure to do this when you have plenty of time to sit for 30 minutes, wash your hair, brush and dry it for best results.

*Caster oil is a little bit of a tricky find, but is available at most whole foods or health stores.

How to: Organize Your Closet by Morgan McKnight

How To: Organize Your Closet
Morgan McKnight

“I like my money hanging right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” –Carrie Bradshaw

On a serious note, Americans in general spend quite a bit on clothing, shoes, and jewelry. That being said, why do we allow our closets to look like a tornado-zone when that’s where a lot of our money is technically “located”? The obvious answer–because its a pain in the rear to put it back on the hanger like we found it. Duh.

No worries, I’m guilty of pitching a shirt onto the floor when it doesn’t work with my outfit, or tossing my nice shoes into the closet after a long day on my feet. It’s normal! However, if your closet is literally busting at the seams and you have mountains of clothes on your floor, it might be time to rethink your organization strategy.

I have many friends with crazy closets. Mine, on the other hand, is organized by color and type. It’s not perfect, but its always easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. In high school, I used to organize a couple of my friends’ closets for them for extra cash now and then. Here are a few of my tips for closets, and hopefully they will help your closet, too.

All it takes is a minute (or two)
I read a Life Hack on Twitter a couple of months ago that has helped me so much with any type of cleaning, but it is especially relevant for closets. The hack states that if there is something you see that can be done in 2 minutes or less, you should take care of that task right when you see it. What’s the reasoning there? Well, if you do little 2 minute tasks as you see them, the 2 minute tasks never build up to a 1 hour task. I know, it sounds ridiculous. Try it for one day and see how productive you are, I dare you.

Will I really wear this again?
Now for the age-old dilemma: I’ve had these jeans since freshman year of college, and I haven’t worn them in years, but they were super expensive and I might be able to fit back into them…eventually. The real question to look at here is how many years have you said that about those jeans? The truth of the matter is if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in a full year, you probably won’t miss it if you drop it at the consignment shop. If you’re still having difficulties cutting ties, try it on! If you like the way it looks, keep it. If you don’t feel comfortable going in public in it, ditch it!

Color Coordination
Once you’ve gotten your closet clean and gotten rid of some old pieces you no longer need, get it organized! As I mentioned earlier, I like the color-coordination approach. I have a section for shirts/dresses, tanks, pants and t-shirts. All are arranged by color as they go down the rack. Not only is it extremely easy to find exactly what you need, but it’s pretty to look at, too.
Maintain, Maintain, Maintain!
After the closet is organized, you have a lovely finished product! But the work is not done yet, as weekly maintenance is required. Remember, if you can pick up a little bit in your closet each day, it will not turn into a monstrous task. Part of maintenance is finding out what works for you. If the color-coordinating is not you’re thing, swap it around and figure out what is.

Stuff that makes my life easier (and your’s too!)
I also highly recommend a shoe organizer of some sort. It gets the shoes off the floor and keeps them in decent condition. If you are a jewelry hoarder like me, a jewelry organizer is also a life-saver. I recently put push pins in an empty wall of my closet to hang my big necklaces. They do not get knotted and I can grab them quickly to coordinate with outfits in the mornings. I am anxious to try a new tip I saw on Pinterest. You can use these new boot hangers with clips to hang boots right on the rack. It keeps them upright so they do not droop while not being worn. Nifty!

Be Vocal. Buy Local. by Russell Dorsey

In lieu of the new Conway Area Chamber of Commerce “Be Vocal. Shop Local.” campaign we started thinking and discussing what it means to shop local (check out the video below).

Our first thought is always financial and involves an economic impact, but the truth is shopping local is much more involved and influential than just dollars. Shopping local supports not only those operators but also the state, county and city via sales tax which help to staff police stations, fire departments and government offices, but allows for diversity and uniqueness, and decreases the amount environmental impact from shipping. When we shop local we ensure our own dollars stay in the community and serve its community members. When we shop local the owners and employees tend to recycle their income back into the community.

Let’s start by discussing the bottom line of shopping local. According to, for every $100 spent with your local business approximately $68 stays within the community to support suppliers, business services, taxes, wages and community donations as opposed to $43 for “nonlocal” or “big box” stores. Here at Branch Out we have set up a program that generously gives back to our local economy called Upward Strokes. Because Conway shops locally with us Branch Out is able to support Conway and Faulkner county charities that include Pitza 42, Chase Race, University of Central Arkansas, Bethlehem House all the way up to United Way, Hospice, and Red Cross.

Convenience and price are often cited as the main reasons for shopping in other cities or with national chains, but the fact of the matter is our communities have more unique options. Price comparison usually stops at the sticker on the product, but in fact should be evaluated on the quality of service provided when deciding on your purchase, support after the sale, and even environmental impact. We would love for you to check out all of our fellow Conway Area Chamber of Commerce members by following the link here. We are sure you will be surprised at what all Conway has to offer!

Finally, a commonly overlooked aspect of shopping local is the environmental impact. Local businesses tend to establish in city centers, instead of in the margins and contribute to lower pollution, traffic congestion, habitat loss and urban sprawl. Shopping local can also assist in reducing packing of fresh produce, travel distance of airliners (greatest fuel consumption over any other mode of transport), and reduce the 11 billion gallon fuel consumption by ships during importation. We continually strive to find local suppliers of products that we commonly utilize, so that we may help to reduce the carbon footprint of transportion.

Stay connected and informed with what Conway has to offer by visiting the chamber, receiving their newsletter, and viewing their website.

We hope to see you in the local, independently owned and operated establishments in Conway.