10 Items Every College Girl Needs for Back To School. By Jennah Denney


It is that time of year again for students everywhere, BACK TO SCHOOL! Even though we are in college now, us girls are just as giddy about our “back to school” wardrobes as we were in middle school.  Now that I am older and a college student my self I still want to sport trends to class, but practicality has played a large part into what I wear when I am on Campus, that’s why I love these items!



First thing’s first, a medium sized decorative back pack is the best way tote your folders, keys, student I.D., ect. as you travel from class to class and lounge in the student center


My favorite perk about carrying this back pack is that not only is it practical, but you are always sporting a fabulous accessory when on campus!


Since the “back to school season” starts around August for most, the weather is still quite warm!  What better way to beat the heat in style than a casual tank with a fun print!


Carry this tank over to the next semester by pairing it with a cardigan, kimono, or even dress it up with a blazer!


A closet must have for all: The Dark Skinny.  The dark skinny can almost be justified as a must have with almost no explaination needed! You can match them with anything and everything and the dark denim wash gives every outfit a dressier look while maintaing the comfort you need to walk across campus!




A couple perks of wearing these Angry Rabbit skinny jeans are that they are super soft and easy to move in AND they are available in cropped for those of you wanting to pair skinnies with baby doll heels or for those of you who are just shorties like me.


A fun and practical way to stay warm AND trendy in cold classrooms are light weight statement scarves! all have those teachers who like to freeze us out to keep us awake, so beat the chill and look good doing it!




Fun scarves are an easy way to dress up outfits thrown together on our lazy legging and t-shirt days aka Mondays! :p


Sometimes you just can’t get your classes scheduled just right to where you can avoid walking across campus every time you switch classes, and when that does happen you need comfy shoes to make it through the day!


I love finding comfy sandals that are super cute that way I can carry them over to my “Night Out on the Town” outfits!


Girly Girls love their jewelry! Stackable jewelry has been trending lately and is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your class attire without over glamming it!



BUT when you do want to glam it up, stacking multiples of these necklaces, rings, and bracelets makes a simple and stunning statement!


The basic tee is a staple for a college girl’s closet!  These survival tees are soft, flexible and tunic cut!  Dress them up or dress them down for everyday wear!




Fun Fact: These t-shirts come in a variety of colors and cuts, so there is a style for everyone!


Another way to beat the freeze of cold class rooms is a denim button up.  With the sudden craze of “street wear” denim has been making a come back!


This denim button up is perfect for both semesters, for it is light enough to wear over a tank or tee in the warmer weather and thin enough to layer with sweaters and coats for the winter semester!


Time to dress up your tees!  When the fall weather hits on a college campus, the cardigans and knee high boots come out to play!




This cardigan is light weight and loose! Perfect for layering!


For the days you wake up late and are rushing to class or days that you just can’t, these Pink Pewter head bands are soft and stay in place on those days your hair doesn’t!




These headbands come in a variety of colors so your sure to find one that gives a pop to your outfit!


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