Meet the Crew

As a mother/daughter duo, we have both always had a passion for the Arts! At ages 13 and 39 we designed one-of-a-kind artisan jewelry which continues today! During years of family travel both for pleasure, work and mission we have seen many inspiring places but none as entertaining as Canvas and Cocktails. Now, after a trip to the mountains of Colorado, we decided to branch out and bring the trendy paint bar to Conway!

Everyone has some artistic talent hidden and we are here to help you unleash your inner artist! Our hope is to make this experience fun, relaxing, rejuvenating and enjoyable for you to have a memory that lasts a lifetime!

We both believe that like ART, LIFE is a CREATIVE process!!


Originally from Little Rock, Beth studied liberal arts and international development at the U of A, UALR and in London, England.  Now a mother of two, Beth enjoys doing anything creative like beading, painting, gardening and spontaneous travels.  Beth has a very eclectic style, and in the past has been known to tie dye her own clothing as well as many puffy paint projects! With her funky style, height, and her head in the clouds, Beth relates with giraffes   If you catch her at the breakfast table in the morning, you will find her sipping on mimosas or English breakfast tea and eating eggs Benedict.


Originally from Cabot, AR, Hannah graduated from UCA with her degree in speech language pathology and is a proud Delta Zeta alum. Growing up, Hannah always saw herself being a teacher or a counselor of some sort, and now she is both! She could not imagine doing anything else other than art therapy! When she is not teaching art classes at Branch Out, she enjoys walks with her hubby and pups, singing, being the top fisherman in her family, painting, dancing (when no one is watching, and being a cupcake connoisseur with her mom! Fun fact about Hannah, if she had to enter any game show, she would choose American Idol, so she could show of her shower singing voice!
Morgan, a graduate student at UCA is getting her Masters of Arts in Teaching for 7th-12th grade science, is originally from Wynne, AR where her parents still live in the same house that they brought her home from the hospital. She loves shopping, running as an outlet, and reading-especially murder mysteries. If you walked into her house right now, you would find Sudoku puzzles stuffed in several drawers, stockpiles of scarves and greeting cards, and her collection of strangely shaped salt and pepper shakers. Fun fact about Morgan: She relates with Olaf from Frozen, for she says, “I have a hard time thinking before I speak, so half of the things I say make no sense or are completely random!”
Originally from nowhere in particular, Jennah grew up a navy brat and has moved around a lot, but is now a student at UCA completing her degree in Public Relations! Nick named “Jen Den” in college, Jennah has a phobia of frogs and cries every time she watches My Girl and Rocky Balboa. When she is not working in the Boutique of Branch Out or pinning onto her fashion board obsessively on Pinterest, Jennah is probably listening to music, redecorating her house, or practicing hula hooping (Katie’s awesome hula hooping inspired her! ;P)
Originally from Searcy, AR, Emily attends UCA where she is working towards a degree in health services administration. Emily is a thrift store DIY guru, not wanting to spend the big bucks on home décor and denim, Emily enjoys going to Goodwill and finding items to tweek and make her own. Out of all her senses, her sense of smell is the strongest. When you walk in to her apartment, you will smell fresh scent’s like “sunshine”, “ocean water,” or “fresh linen.” Currently on a sandwich kick, Emily has been incorporating the southwest into her diet by added guac and chipotle sauce on her chicken sandwiches.

the artits

Originally from Wooster, Ar, Jennifer obtained her masters of arts in teaching from UCA and taught secondary art for six years before taking off to stay home with her little girl, Olivia. If she had any super power, she would have the power to require no sleep so she can enjoy her motherly duties, discovering big cities with her husband, as well as her favorite hobbies: DIY, sewing, and sitting on her back porch which is decorated with DIY projects. If she knew today was her last day on this earth, she doesn’t know all the details yet, but family, friends and lots of wedding cake would be involved. Fun fact about Jennifer, if you opened her fridge right now, you would find a whole gallon of milk for the toddler and almond milk for her in the door!

Originally from Little, Rock, Caylie is a junior at UCA studying art education and has her own photography business called Caylie Gillum Photography. Photography is a creative outlet and a way to make friends for Caylie as well as fitness and traveling. If granted three wishes, Caylie would wish for unlimited travel miles, Christmas every day, and more wishes (obviously!) Two fun facts about Caylie: She is extremely ticklish and trick or treated until she was a sophomore in high school, but has never missed a year of dressing up

Growing up in a family with a plethora of animals including multiple rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters, water turtles, fish, guinea pigs, parakeets, lizard, and several siblings Hannah was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and grew up in Zilina, Slovakia as a missionary kid. Her family moved to Little Rock when she was 12 and she is now an Art History major at UCA, can hold her breath for 45 seconds to a minutes, sleeps with 2 pillows stacked on top of each other and occasionally works at a non- profit organization called Mamie’s Poppy Plates where I paint memorabilia plates for the families of still-born babies. Hannah’s favorite hobbies include: reading, crocheting, painting, playing the piano, singing, yoga, and acroyoga. If she could switch places with anyone, she would switch with Helena Bonham Carter.

Originally from Fayetteville, AR, Katie graduated from the U of A where she studied painting and photography and moved to Conway after graduation.  While she is not teaching art at Branch Out, Katie loves to paint, hula hoop, camp and go to concerts.  Her husband says she owns too many shoes and her favorite quote is “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine”- Anthony J. D’Angelo.  If she could take a year off of work and everyday life, she would be doing a lot of the same things she is already doing: painting, hula hooping, travel and go to music festivals!  And an interesting fact about Katie is, if she could see any artist dead or alive, she would want to see Janis Joplin at Woodstock!

She loves the rain and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, is originally from Conway, Arkansas, and is named after a duck, Teal, attends the University of Central Arkansas and is studying art education with the intentions to teach art to elementary students one day!  When she is not assisting with classes at Branch Out or roaming the campus of UCA, Teal is either painting, spending her time outside or eating Papa Johns!
The baristas
Originally from Cabot, AR., Russ graduated from UCA with a B.S. in Biology and is current studying to become a SCAA level 2 certified barista. In his small amounts of free time, Russ enjoys being outdoors on the river, hiking, and hunting. When he needs advice or has questions about decisions he has to face, Russ tends to go to “Poppa Yock” his father –in-law for guidance. Some of his favorite things include vanilla ice cream and his favorite actor, Will Smith. Fun Fact about Russ, when he was a little kid, he wanted to be a professional baseball player!
Originally from Gainesville, FL., Scott attended Harding University and now works for Jasperz Java at Conway Regional. After milking a cow when he was 8, and realized it was not as easy as they make it look in the movies, he decided to try something else. Now, Scott is a man of many hobbies including: Spinning Fire Staff, Playing Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game, and Yoga. When asked if he could live on any planet, Scott said, “I actually love the planet I am on! Earth is so beautiful and no other world thus far has been discovered as pretty and adaptable as our own. Hence why I am so determined to take care of it till the day I die.”


Originally from Rogers, AR, Robert graduated with a degree in Biology and is our in house genius!  The best piece of advice he was ever given was to feel good about yourself while making yourself better.  When Robert isn’t making coffee or entertaining the minds of his co-workers, Robert enjoys to trout fish, go to his cabin and listening to classic rock and jazz music! Two of Robert’s favorite animals are dogs and mules, which he will have you convinced are better than horses!


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